Loyola University’s Recycling Plan

Loyola University New Orleans provided a single stream recycling dumpster for its students, courtesy of Allied Waste. It is located on the West Road near the Danna Center Loading Dock and Biever Hall. The single stream recycling dumpster will accept a mixture of office paper, junk mail, newspapers, paper bags, magazines, phone books, corrugated cardboard, cereal boxes, aluminum cans, bimetal cans, and plastic bottles. No glass, plastic bags, waxed cardboard, batteries, dirty paper, or paper with metal or plastic coatings will be accepted.
In addition to the single stream recycling dumpster, students are also provided with electronic, paper, and plastic recycling drop off bins throughout the dorms and all major buildings. Near all electronic recycling bins are book recycling bins as well. These bins provide students with a place for used text books, reading books, magazines, anything that could be reused, in addition to recycling. 

For more information, visit Loyola’s recycling website: http://www.loyno.edu/recycling/

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